Monday, January 16, 2012

Dining by the Waterfalls at Villa Escudero

The two hour drive from Manila to Villa Escudero,  a popular weekend getaway from Manila located on the border of Laguna and Quezon provinces, flew by and we arrived at our destination in a famished state, ready for a big Filipino lunch. 

Mind you, this was only my second visit - and the first one since I was a kid. 
Thus, my recollections of Villa Escudero were non-existent, other than riding on the carabao drawn carriage, and eating lunch by some waterfalls. Had things changed over the years, or were these still part of the experience?

The answer came quickly. After paying the Php1,400 ($32) admission, a quick ride on the carriage pulled by "Maganda" (Beautiful) led to the waterfalls where a buffet lunch was served. Remove your shoes, dip your feet into the refreshing cool water and taste the wonderful viands and desserts for the next hour or two. That's certainly what we did.

tapioca dessert

don't forget to grab some 'pasalubong' from the roadside stands on the way home

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