Friday, January 07, 2011

A Seafood Feast @ The Crab Pot, Seattle

After some sea lion watching at the Seattle Aquarium, we had a couple of hours to kill before the Harbor/Locks/Lake Union cruise in the afternoon. Since it was around lunch time, it was only fitting to gorge on seafood at The Crab Pot right on the waterfront, steps away from the boarding docks.

We had seen The Crab Pot's ad on the Seattle free map given out at the hotel, and although I was a bit skeptical and thought it was a tourist trap, my friend was insistent upon smashing those crabs with a mallet, as their ads showed.  Well, I reluctantly agreed, conceding that their ads were kinda cute.

Perusing their menu, we decided on "The Westport" seafood feast - an assortment of dungeness crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, andouille sausages and a heapful of corn on the cob and potatoes. All these were laid out atop a paper sheet on our table, and the obligatory bibs (guaranteed to many anyone above the age of 12 look ridiculous) and mallets disbursed. Off to the races!

I actually did not like eating crabs because it took quite an effort to extract the meat out - apparently I am in the minority, as there was no letup of patrons coming inside The Crab Pot. Most of them, as I suspected, were tourists lured by the bountiful servings, reasonable price, and "good enough" quality. I had to admit though that it was quite fun wielding the mallet and having my way with the poor dungeness crab.

We managed to polish off all the seafood on the table, leaving only some of the fillers - corn and potatoes. Food was ok, nothing exceptional, and I didn't really feel quite full and craved more seafood.  Now that we had gotten The Crab Pot experience out of our systems, time to move on to better establishments.

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