Sunday, March 14, 2010

Burger Creations

The never ending rain and swirling wind gusts made me feel glad, for once, that I would be spending the entire day cooped up inside the computer lab. However, we did have to brave the lousy winter weather come lunch time.

Walking gingerly around puddles and the sight of numerous overturned umbrellas that were abandoned or blown away from their owners' grasps made for some comfort food.

So, I suggested that we pop into Burger Creations on E8th St. (near Broadway), where I had been a couple of times before and had enjoyed their huge, juicy burgers. In fact just a week ago I was devouring the Parisian burger (one of a dozen or so variations, which does present a bit of a predicament since they all sound so yummy), and this time opted for the Fuji burger topped with scallions, mushrooms and teriyaki glaze.

The hot, crispy fries also never fail to please me, so much so that I wind up finishing all of them, which I never do anywhere else. Probably because they're not salty, and don't have the consistency of cardboard.

Our stomachs full (a bit too full, actually) and our hands wiped clean of the flowing juices that each bite brings forth (the number of napkins we went through was scandalous, better bring your own hand wipes), V. and I lingered for a bit, waiting for the rain to die down a little before going back to class. Somehow we felt better, our spirits refreshed, despite the inclement weather. Comfort food does work wonders.

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