Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pricey High Tea at the Savoy

The lone culinary highlight in London was partaking in the British tradition of high tea, in this case at the luxurious, opulent five-star (everything our hotel was not) Savoy hotel. Since every attraction and museum in London was closed on Christmas day, there wasn't much to do so I got dragged into eating sumptuous biscuits and scones, flaky French pastries and tarts, and delicate sandwiches by the girls. To wash all this down, each of us also got a pot of tea (flavor of your choice), and not being a big tea drinker I opted for my usual mint tea, a habit carried over from the trip to Morocco.

The privilege (yes, that's what it is) of high tea at the Savoy doesn't come cheap - GBP31.50($63), not including the service charge. There is also a "Champagne high tea" option which for an additional GBP7($14), includes a glass of the bubbly. Two of us (me included) got caught up in the holiday euphoria and fell for this scam, but thankfully the usually efficient Savoy staff made an error and billed us only for one Champagne high tea. I have to admit the food was really good, and the staff just kept bringing more and more scones and sandwiches and tarts - so even if it's debatable that it was worth it, at least we stuffed our faces trying to get our money's worth. Also managed to generate disapproving glances from an older British couple at the adjoining table by acting like super-excited tourists. Total bill per person: a whopping GBP35($70). Someone please do something about that darn exchange rate.

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Elaine said...

There is ALWAYS a irritated British couple casting disapproving glares at the American tourists. Always. I've seen them, my friends have seen them. I think Britain hires these people.

And as per usual the food looks DELISh but dang! PRIIICEEEY! The teas better have gold flakes in them you can cash in for money because otherwise, I'm not going there without a two-fer coupon.